Two and half months ago I got an incredible phone call. It was from Underworld.  I have been a huge fan of them for many years and more recently have had the honour of being musical collaborator with them. On this occasion, they rang to ask me to get involved on their current, very epic musical mission…the London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony.

I obviously jumped at the chance and moved over to London for the duration, working relentlessly on the part of the show they wanted me to help out on – the Athletes Parade. It was a very specific brief, something as a lone D+B producer I’m not used to doing, but was a wonderful challenge to have. Drum + Bass wasnt really on the cards for this, it was more just my uplifting, melodic vibe that was needed.

It’s been an incredible experience working alongside Underworld and their whole team, for which I can never thank them enough. I’ll post a full report next week.

For the time being, you can watch the Opening Ceremony again over on BBC iPlayer (or click the image below!)

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38 Responses to “High Contrast in Olympics Opening Ceremony”

  1. Rob Mills says:

    This is truly incredible. You should be so proud! Just as Somoa comes on i am listening to one of my favourite tracks of yours. Thank you for the music.

  2. BIG UPS HIGH CONTRAST ! AM a BIG fan for ur tunes! Just came across the article and wanted to give feedback.

    Congrats & Respect,


  3. Kevin Bradshaw says:

    Amazing stuff on here, incredible vibes here from the stadium, emotional vampire is amazing, well bloody done HC.

  4. Razvan says:

    Well done Sir! C U in Bucharet in september.:D

  5. Victor Barré says:

    It was a truly amazing moment Lincoln!

  6. Brian Johnsen says:


  7. Katrina glancy says:

    Just saw, phenomenal. I have not seen the road goes on forever yet. Proud to be a huge fan of yours! :}

  8. Gary Robinson says:

    Some tracks should never be remixed, Underworld’s Rez falls into this category.
    Couldn’t believe my ears when I heard it last night. Even though I’d describe it as cheesy and anthemic, I LOVE IT!!
    Fair play, and well done for your part in an incredible performance!

  9. Liam says:

    I nearly pooped my self when I heard your track on the count down. All that music was really awesome!

  10. [...] there are so many High Contrast tracks and remixes in that segment of the Olympics.  Head over to High Contrast’s blog to read more. Be Sociable, Share! [...]

  11. Ben Knight says:

    Great job man! Enjoy this moment!

  12. Michael says:

    What an honour and well-earned.

    Beautiful sounds on Friday night and your rework of Rez is sublime.

    Keep up the greatness!!

  13. Jack Beagle says:

    When I heard the High Contrast Track in the count down I got so excited. Really special.

  14. Craig Johnson says:

    Great work, sir! We bought the Isles of Wonder album from itunes the next day and although we like all the tracks we are particularly taken by your remix of “Where The Streets Have No Name” such that it’s disappointing it ends after 4 minutes and change with potentially plenty of lyrics and runtime left! Does a longer mix of this particular song exist which may be released at some point or is what we have, all there is?
    Thanks, Craig & Chanty

  15. Mike says:

    I was at the opening ceremony and remember thinking the music during the athletes parade was incredible. It was only when I went on twitter that I realised it was High Contrast! Incredible!

    Any chance of you doing any house sets live in the future?

  16. Christopher Rohan says:

    Do you have a list of the songs used for the parade? There’s a really excellent track when Grenada and Guam are walking in that I can’t find anywhere!

  17. Hannah says:

    My boyfriend and I sat down to watch the opening ceremony and couldn’t believe it when we heard your track on the count down. Absolutley fantastic!

  18. Rohan – yep will post up a full breakdown of all the tracks used soon too.

  19. Mike – I do indeed do the occassional house set, usually under my aka Alt Whitman. Hopefully more to come in the future.

  20. Craig – I dont think I can get a longer version of the U2 remix out there as we don’t own it but for all the original tracks by me we can get the full length mixes released.

  21. Harry says:

    Youre music during the opening ceremony was outstanding! The track used during the 60 second countdown to the start of the opening ceremony (with all of the numbers throughout London) was amazing! However, I cannot seem to find that version anywhere! So frustrating! What is the title of that track, and where is it availiable?!?!

  22. Harry – that was a 120bpm remix I made of my track The Road Goes On Forever. We will be making this version available soon.

  23. Josan says:

    Awesome remix of Rez, what’s the song that’s layered through it… just on the verge of recognizing it… kinda sounds like a fairly recent tune. Tnx J

  24. Was it trur that all of the the tracks were pitched at 120bpm. Not had the chance to check. Well done on the music you and uw deserve some medals and more credit than was given. Still a number one album is pretty sweet nonetheless…

  25. Marston says:

    Excellent job from what I could tell with the NBC commentators talking over your superb mix nearly the entire time!… Wish I could use the BBC iPlayer here in the States, but no such luck. :( I hope you make the entire Parade of Nations soundtrack available to the ROW soon. P.S.: As Underworld’s biggest fan in the U.S., I thought your remix of Rez was outstanding!!!… now I’m a High Contrast fan too! Cheers! :)

  26. Paul says:

    Will you be releasing the 120BPM Emotional Vampire as well? It didn’t feature on the Isles of Wonder soundtrack..

  27. Paul – yep the 120bpm Emotional Vampire will be coming out very soon, will post details asap…

  28. Al_Doom says:

    I have been a fanatical Underworld fan since Dubnobasewithmyheadman. I have never heard of High Contrast, but just ordered three CD’s off Amazon. I’m listening to the IoW CD feeling slightly overwhelmed, where have you been all my life! lol

    I just wanted to say well done and thank you, it was fearless.

    I was so excited that Underworld were doing the Olympics, and worried, they are not most people’s cup of tea.

    Loving Ghost Dance, awesome groove man.

    Good job


  29. Al_Doom says:

    I liked the fact that you didn’t dumb it down for TV, and electronic music had its moment in the sun, no brass bands or pipe bands, Arctic Monkeys, not ancient tribute act, apart from McCartney, which was ok.

  30. Al_Doom says:

    U2 remix wild

  31. Al_Doom says:

    Thank god you didna use @Its a beatiful Day”" Sunday Bloody Sunday might have been tricky ;)

    Awesome remix fairplay, great outro

    This album is a classic, you can appreciate it without the visuals and inane TV commentary.

    Groove is wicked, uplifting, inspiring, good work.


  32. Al_Doom says:

    Dirty Epic mix omg this is too much, lol, and a Jock is Olympic Tennis Champion!

  33. Al_Doom says:

    You’re good, but UW still rule my world.

    btw, cd tracks don’t have track details etc when you rip the cd, on my pc, my macbook got all details on uitunes, but windows media is not having it.

  34. Richard Ward says:

    I have been listening to your music and remixes since before true colours, and everything since. As a massive fan of all things D&B it was a game changer for me to listen to the music of the olympics Ceremony and say, “I like these sounds, the chord structure sounds familiar though” only to find out it was you and Underworld. Scrible was an awsome track and this, although not D&B is in my car right now being played over and over. Keep doing what you do, your a genius. “Chances” from the “Tough Guys Don’t Dance” album was a killer tune, could that ever become available on Vinyl.

  35. Gray says:

    Like others, big UW fan, and hadn’t really heard any of your material prior to the Opening Ceremony, but very, very impressed with what Rick, Karl and yourself have delivered – well done, sir! Have placed a few orders for more of your stuff.

    Would love to get my hands on full length versions of the remixes…

  36. - says:

    [...] The backing track for the video was the 120bpm Remix of “The Road Goes On Forever” by High Contrast. You can read more about it on his website, High Contrast in Olympics Opening Ceremony. [...]

  37. Nathan Ray Jones says:

    Do you have a list of the songs used for the parade? There’s a really excellent track when Grenada and Guam are walking in that I can’t find anywhere!

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