“The Agony & The Ecstasy” – OUT NOW

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Returning in 2012 with his fourth artist album, The Agony & The Ecstasy, High Contrast is set to reinstate his reputation at the top table with this superb twelve-track long player.

“The Agony & The Ecstasy” is out now in all formats. Buy from: iTunes / Hospital Shop 

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5 Responses to ““The Agony & The Ecstasy” – OUT NOW”

  1. This album transcends the bitter stench of the cultish and often times regarded as a hardcore regression from DNB when relating to our scenes’ movement. It literally brings to light the truth of beauty(and brains) in the eyes and ears of High Contrast and his fans alike. Thank you so much for sharing these tunes with all of us, the work put forth on this album shows true dedication and a righteous ear for good tunes. Thanks again, we will keep rocking these tunes for times to come!

  2. Thanks for your thoughtful words my friend, glad you like the album.

  3. dave g says:

    have just listened to the album loud having taken it home for the first time, (had it in my shop, oddbins in crouch end till now).

    it is ***king A! sums up a life of raving in just over an hour, you sir are one clever chap. cheers for the tunes.

    p.s. loving the ambiguous karl hyde lyrics, eberneezer goode for the 21st century. i love drugs too!

  4. Evan Dunn says:

    When I first heard the track and saw the video for The First Note is Silent, I knew this was something different and special. This track encompasses so much of the spectrum of human emotion that it is just phenomenal. Such an amazing feel good tune, and the rest of the album is no different. Thank you so much for this! Peace and good vibes. Cheers!

  5. ubik5763 says:

    hey listened to it all I have to say that is unbelievable I loved it to bits no joke !
    one thing though that has annoyed me to no end is:
    I cant find out what the album art painter is I have spend literally hours trying to find out as I like it a lot with leaded me to find out about the 1965 movie the agony and the ecstasy about Michel Angelo
    so I am guessing that the cover is a painting by Michel Angelo so i then poured over the virtual sistine chapel and I didn’t find it but it confirmed me that the art work is in the same style at least.
    so what’s the painter and painting called please before i go mad ?

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