I had wanted to play at the Coachella festival in Palm Springs for years after hearing only great things about it, so this gig was really the raison d’etre for my whole trip. I stayed for the entire three days and had an incredible time, it really is one of the best festivals in the world.

The path to Palm Springs is peppered with perpendicular propellers.

Burnt trees.

Travelling to Coachella in the Mystery Machine.

The beautiful festival grounds and the strange wildlife there.

The gig itself was such a blast, how great to play in gorgeous surroundings in boling hot weather to such a passionate crowd. I had a hardcore fanbase turnout, a bunch of these cats got organised and made special HC t-shirts just for the event. Big props to Donald, Serena, Lilia, Matt and all the others who made the effort. It meant a lot.

Repping HC tees and Welsh flag. Spot the odd man out.

Mount Kimbie playing at the same stage as I did.

I read this as Do Me, Guys!

The moment the camera-happy crew realise Pharrel is leaving the stage, after a guest spot with Odd Future.

Bird watching by the hotel pool.

Leaving Palm Springs and heading back to LA, it was only right I passed through here.

This weekend was the perfect finish to a great tour and after having not been to North America for years it restored my faith in the scene over there, DnB definitely seems to be on the up and I’ll be back again soon for sure.

Here’s some brief video footage I took at the festival…

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4 Responses to “HC North American Tour 2011: Coachella 15-17/04”

  1. Zac says:

    I was there! You’re set was incredible, probably my favorite of the whole festival. I also saw you at EDC last weekend, once again you killed it! I would love to be able to see you play again so please keep coming back to North America, especially the west coast!

  2. Peter says:

    So great seeing you out there lincoln! It was definitely the highlight of my entire weekend. Saw you again this past weekend in vegas, hopefully will see you in colorado at some point in time!

  3. JULA SCM says:

    Hi. How r u? I would like to invite to play in Dublin

  4. Hi, Im good thanks. Any booking queries need to be directed towards lou@codaagency.com but yes would love to play in Dublin again!

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